What is the Enneagram
The origins and history of the Enneagram are a subject of dispute. There is some thought that it originated in 4th century Alexandria; however in the 1950's Oscar Ichazo, is considered the principal source of what we refer to today as The Enneagram. The Enneagram is a way to categorize personalities. It reports that all of us can find our personality type using 9 types.  

This is not going into teaching anyone how to find their own type; there are some great sources out there, books, YouTube, etc. I would say that the one thing about this; no one else can (should) type you.  Type yourself and it does not matter what someone else thinks you are; only you can connect to the correct and most appropriate type for yourself.

Deciding on what Type
It took time for me to find the right home for me in the Enneagram. I was first introduced to it in 2012 by a very close friend of mine when I was going through a major transitional time in my life. I then participated in a class that taught and reviewed all the types and associated wings in detail.  At that time, although the 9 was on my list, as was a 7 and 2; at that time I landed on the 4.  I then really did not touch or look at it for the next 9 years.  

My Type - Type 9 with a Wing 8
Now, as I reviewed the Types after having my life and emotional state settled, the 9 became obvious.  I can see why I had chosen 4; I focused on the "abandonment" pain of the 4.  We all take on some characteristics of all the types but a 9 is even more apt to do this given their need to be liked and not create conflict.  The need to not create conflict is so prevalent in my life that I have often found myself staying in relationships that inside I had seen and known there were things that I did not want in my life.  

What is Type 9w8?
A type 9 is calm and peaceful; however when you combine this with the 8 characteristics the 9 becomes assertive at times (while an 8 is considered the most assertive of all the types).  They enjoy movement and nature; they like animals and appreciate a simple life.  Nines live very much in the now; being considered masters of living in the now. Nines are only concerned with their immediate needs and do not worry about the future and rarely worry at all.  There is always a desire to see things go smoothly without conflict and can simplify issues and minimize any items that bother them. 

referred to as the peacemakers
spiritual seekers
strive to bring peace of mind as they do peace to the environment
The struggles of this type are being awake vs being asleep; entrenchment vs presence, blockage vs openness; relaxation vs. tension, pain vs peace, separation vs union.